Production Manager

Job Description, Duties, and Qualifications:


The Production Manager is accountable for developing, tracking, and overseeing production strategy for the company. Oversees the day to day operations of the production missions, including but not limited to; dispatching aircraft, weather forecasting, travel, logistics, and maintenance coordination, record-keeping and reporting on company production.


  1. Develop and implement production strategy and policy;
  2. Develop tools and metrics to adequately assess production performance;
  3. Produce and disseminate reports pertaining to production status and summaries;
  4. Ensure that production strategy is as efficient as is practical;
  5. Review the performance of team members;
  6. Work with all departments to ensure that company production goals are achieved;
  7. Tracking aircraft location and progress;
  8. Making effective use of local and web based tools for tasking;
  9. Accessing/editing spreadsheets to track production progress daily;
  10. Communicating with pilots regarding weather and location related questions;
  11. Communicating with the Chief Pilot, Fleet Manager, and DOM to ensure safe and efficient aircraft relocation;
  12. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with ground support service providers;
  13. Scheduling ground transportation and accommodations as necessary;
  14. Notifying flight crews of changes to itinerary or accommodations;
  15. Updates Dashboard and aircraft status as required; and
  16. Maintaining records pertaining to the location and status of crews on rotation.


  1. Required:
    1. A bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management, or equivalent management experience;
    2. A minimum of two years general aviation experience;
    3. Ability to effectively organize, motivate, and lead;
    4. Knowledge and skill with various software packages as necessary;
    5. Demonstrates knowledge with respect to the operations and dispatching sections of the Flight Operations Manual (FOM), Tasking protocols, and the provision of the regulations and the standards necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities to ensure safety is maintained at the highest levels.