Operations Coordinator


Aperture Aviation is looking for qualified candidates for the position of Operations Coordinator. This position would be ideal for recent graduates with a degree in aviation or those with similar general aviation knowledge. This position is an in-person position based out of our KRHV Office.


The Operations Coordinator is accountable for supporting the day-to-day operations of Aperture Aviation's fleet, assisting with logistics, aircraft management, and other duties as assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with other departments to ensure the safe and efficient movement of aircraft;

  2. Establish and maintain positive relationships with external vendors and support providers;

  3. Produce and disseminate reports pertaining to production status and summaries;

  4. Assist with forecasting for making effective use of local and web-based tools for tasking;

  5. Assist with developing tools and metrics to adequately assess production performance;

  6. Track aircraft locations and update company dashboards and aircraft status as required;

  7. Maintain records pertaining to the location and status of crews on rotation;

  8. Schedule travel logistics and accommodations as necessary;

  9. Notify flight crews of changes to itinerary or accommodations;

  10. Assist in the development of Standard Operating Procedures and qualification requirements;

  11. Maintain company policy manuals and a current operations library;

  12. Assist with the maintaining of records pertaining to pilot certifications and currency;

  13. Monitor aircraft inventory levels and order new inventory items as needed;

  14. Maintain fleet GPS and associated database subscriptions and updates as needed;

  15. Conduct training on fleet production, travel logistics, and aircraft inventory; and,

  16. Additional duties as assigned.


  1. A bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management, or equivalent management experience;

  2. A minimum of two years general aviation experience;

  3. Ability to effectively organize, motivate, and lead;

  4. Knowledge and skill with various software packages as necessary;

  5. Ability to learn and understand sections of the Flight Operations Manual (FOM), tasking protocols, and the provision of the regulations and the standards necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities to ensure safety is maintained at the highest levels; and,

  6. Availability to work in office and regular rotating on-call weekends.

  7. Must be authorized to work in the United States.

How to Apply:

Submit a resume and cover letter to resumes@apertureaviation.com.

If your experience meets our criteria we will contact you for more information and to schedule an interview.