Fleet Manager

Job Description, Duties, and Qualifications:


The Fleet Manager is accountable for maintaining proper inventory and monitoring the condition of Aperture Aviation's aircraft supplies and equipment. Oversees the distribution and supply of inventory to aircraft, coordinates maintenance with local FBOs and maintenance shops, updates and tracks avionics equipment.


  1. Maintain appropriate aircraft inventory forms;
  2. Communicate with flight crews to ascertain the status of aircraft inventory items;
  3. Order new inventory items when needed;
  4. Maintain fleet GPS and associated databases/subscriptions and updates as needed;
  5. Ensure that inventory items are provided to crews when required;
  6. Conduct training on aircraft inventory; and
  7. Communicate with the Director of Maintenance to ensure maintenance tracking forms are current and updated.


  1. Required:
    1. A degree or coursework in a related field, or a minimum of two years general aviation experience;
    2. Knowledge and skill with various software packages as necessary;
    3. Positive demeanor and effective communication skills;
    4. Strong organizational skills; and
    5. Demonstrates knowledge with respect to the operation sections of the Flight Operations Manual (FOM), aircraft inventory procedures, and the provision of the regulations and the standards necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities to ensure safety is maintained at the highest levels.